About Dramastoppers

“How many of you wish that you wouldn’t have to deal with so much DRAMA?”

Life without DRAMA? Not possible. Besides, it’s kind of cool to talk about other people and all the DRAMA in their lives…right?

If you wrote a list of how a DramaStopper would live what would you right? For example, a DramaStopper treats other people the way they want to be treated or a DramaStopper doesn’t talk behind their friend’s back.

How about:

  1. Don’t date your friend’s ex-boyfriend…
  2. Support your friends at all times…
  3. Don’t use your friends to get something that you want…

That’s what this website is about.

A place where you can read about how a DramaStopper lives? A place for you to sign-up and tell your story?  A place where you can buy t-shirts so you can make a statement.

So how you deal with DRAMA?

  1. Follow the Dramastopper’s guidelines to live ‘Drama-Free.’
  2. Think about other people instead of ourselves all the time.

DramaStoppers is more than just a word… it’s a lifestyle. It’s about shutting down the gossip going on around you. It’s about apologizing to someone for hurting their feelings. It’s about forgiving that person who hurt you. It’s about being a better friend, a better person. It’s about choosing to make better decisions. It’s about making things RIGHT. It starts with you. Become a DramaStopper today.

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