Live Drama Free

How to Live Drama Free

Tired of living a life full of DRAMA? Is your DRAMA gas tank on FULL? Chances are that there’s some kind of DRAMA going on around you right NOW. We want to help.

Below are the ‘unofficial’ guidelines on how to live DRAMA-FREE and the DramaStopper CODE. We believe that if you begin to do the following, the DRAMA in your life will STOP. Check them out:


1) Treat others the way you want to be treated.

2) Keep what’s most important, MOST important… good relationships with family and friends matter MORE than material things.

3) Be CAREFUL what you say. Cussing and foul language is mean and nasty.

4) No matter how old you are, listen and obey your mom and dad. Show them the RESPECT they deserve.

5) Don’t fight/bully people. Violence is NEVER the answer.

6) Stay TRUE. Be a person who keeps your word. Don’t cheat on the people you’ve made a COMMITMENT to.

7) Stealing isn’t cool. If it doesn’t BELONG to you, don’t take it. If it doesn’t BELONG to you and you find it, turn it in.

8) Lying and gossiping will get you NOWHERE. Be CAREFUL what you say…

9) Don’t be a HATER. Be HAPPY with what YOU have.

10) Get enough rest so that your tiredness doesn’t EFFECT your mood and judgment.


As a DramaStopper, I WILL treat others the way I want to be treated by showing respect for my fellow man, I WILL invest in other people’s lives by being a TRUE friend, and whenever I recognize any DRAMA going on, I WILL put a stop to it.

Following the guidelines and CODE starts with you. We know that DRAMA won’t stop immediately… that it’s a process. We also know that if you don’t accept responsibility for your actions, the DRAMA will never stop. So, start by signing up to become a DramaStopper today!

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