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Steps to Changing Your Community!

It Starts with YOU!

Step 1 – Sign-Up

Go to the website. Sign-up to become a real-life, actual dramastopper. Tell us why you want to be a dramastopper and be sure to send us your e-mail address so we can send you monthly newsletters. We’ll keep you up to date with what’s going on.

Step 2 – Be for Real

Being a dramastopper is not a declaration of perfection. It’s a statement that you’re trying your HARDEST to stay out of and away from DRAMA producing situations. There WILL be times that you mess up, but a dramastopper recognizes his/her ‘relapse’ and makes the situation RIGHT, over and over again. So… realize that you will mess up at times, but be willing to do something about it. Be REAL… be a dramastopper!

It Spreads with You!

Step 3 – Find Sponsors

Where do you have the MOST contact with other students? That’s right… at your school. Why school? This is the location where all kinds of DRAMA takes place. Target the DRAMA where it’s most prevalent… and put it on notice.

So, where do you go from here?

You find TWO MAIN people to help out.

First, you find the RIGHT adult sponsor (teacher, counselor, coach, vice-principal, principal, etc.) on your school campus who believes in YOU and YOUR cause. You explain to them what you want to see happen:

  1. decrease the DRAMA on campus,
  2. unite the ‘different’ groups at school, and
  3. get involved in community projects.

You also ask for a place to meet, before or after school, on a monthly basis during the school year. Curriculum will be provided for your meetings. Check out a sample curriculum lesson for one of the monthly meetings.

Second, go to a local business and ask them if they would sponsor your local dramastopper school chapter by funding the purchase of t-shirts. Explain to them what you’re planning on doing and why you’re doing it. Tell them that you would like to START by passing out 20, 30, or even 50 (you select) FREE shirts on your school campus with the company’s name, on the back of the shirt, as the sponsor. The cost of 20, 30, or 50 dramastopper t-shirts with print on the front and back is approximately $200, $300, or $500 respectively (including shipping/handling). There are businesses, organizations and/or private parties that have budgets for advertising. Remember, this is just to start your chapter… if your chapter grows to more than the amount of shirts that were first purchased, additional t-shirts can be bought on-line at the dramastopper store.

We know… you’re asking yourself, “Why would a business give money to help buy t-shirts?”

You’d be surprised that when you believe in something strongly enough, people notice. They will be inspired by your cause and believe in what you’re saying… and DOING.

Also, it’s a business decision. When shirts are provided to students on campus with the company’s name, you will be advertising for them. Let them know your members will wear the t-shirts every Friday because every Friday is ‘DRAMA-FREE’ Friday.

It Grows with YOU!

Step 4 – Get People to Join

There are several ways you can let people know about starting a local dramastoppers chapter. You can text, send a mass facebook message, talk/word of mouth, and hang up information in your school to tell people (get permission from school administration prior to hanging up flyers).

You can download the dramastoppers flyer for your first meeting and advertise all over your school campus by making copies of the flyer. You can follow that up with one of two other monthly meeting flyers. You’ll be surprised who shows up (especially if you’re handing out FREE t-shirts). Remember, this isn’t a student only chapter. Some of the school administration and staff will want to join too… let them! It will further validate what you’re trying to do.

It Thrives with YOU!

Step 5 – Have your First Meeting

Provide FREE food and drinks at your first meeting (find some sponsors that will either purchase the food or donate the food for your first meeting). Give the first 50 people a t-shirt and have them sign-up online at to be a dramastopper. Make sure new members provide an e-mail address that they will check regularly, while they’re signing up on-line, to receive updates and reminders.

We strongly encourage you to nominate and select a President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer. Divide up responsibilities amongst the leadership. Some of their responsibilities may include:

  1. Hosting new membership drives,
  2. Organizing monthly meetings,
  3. Reminding members to wear their shirts on ‘DRAMA-FREE’ Fridays, and
  4. Planning community activities – Cleaning up the school campus grounds, volunteering at Habitat for Humanity, visiting senior citizens at retirement centers, feeding the homeless, etc. (most schools will count these hours towards a community service requirement). Visit your local city government and ask them for ways your club can help the community.

It Ignites with You!

Step 6 – Notify a Local News Outlet

Call your local television/radio station and/or local newspaper and let them know about your chapter. You can download the Sample Press Release (fill in the blanks and customize it with your information). E-mail it or fax it to the local television/radio station and/or newspaper. You’ll be surprised at the response.

Step 7 – Register Your Local DramaStopper Chapter

We want your group on the radar! Register your chapter below. Also, send us group shots of your chapter and individual pictures of people wearing their dramastopper t-shirts. We’ll post the pictures on the FaceBook page. Let us know if you would like some help getting your chapter started!

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